Just a Little Bit Goes a Long Way

  • Is your toddler defiant?
  • Does your child display disruptive or bullying behavior in school?
  • Would savvy tips on parenting in a high-tech home be helpful?
  • Do you dread the day your child wants to know about sex?
  • Are you buried in your boy's or girl's adolescent challenges?

Learn How Your Child: It's Up To You! Can Make a Difference For You.

Your Child: It's Up To You!
Respect Principles Applied Toddler to Teen

YOUR guidebook for raising your child from the toddler years, through the play stage, through the early school years and right up to the teens.

Illustrated with positive examples, helpful tips, and specific applications, this book will motivate and enable parents to put its principles into practice the very day they begin reading it.

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Your Child: It's Up To YOU! is an insightful and straightforward resource for parents seeking a positive and achievable plan for raising their boys and girls. This book motivates and empowers parents by weaving a keen understanding of the challenges facing modern-day families with proactive strategies and practical applications.

Michael Gurian, Author of The Wonder of Boys and The Wonder of Girls